“Excellence is only the Acceptable Standards.”

Archizone Interiors, established in November 2000, is a Sydney based design team specializing in Interior architectural design across diverse fields. We offer services including Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Brand Identity, and Project Management. We have a strong focus on building up quality design portfolio in retail and restaurant design.

Archizone began to participate in the design industry since 1992 under former name “Pan Interiors”. Over the past decade, We have gradually built up harmony collaboration and working relationship with major shopping centre brands including Westfield, Mirvac, AMP, Stockland and Lend Lease. We have long been on Westfiled’s list of recommended interior design companys.

– We listen to our clients and multiply the power of their ideas.
– We maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct.
– We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment.
– We promote creativity and Innovation.

Archizone is an interior design practice that implements the brief of our design-savvy clients. The client, the history, the social, and the controversial factors activate our design sensibilities. We remain wholeheartedly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends with our unparalleled abilities to create chic and lasting aesthetic quality and functionality.

Archizone Philosophy: “Customize to unique needs” we believe that every project is born of a specific business need. Meeting with our client is a two-way learning process. We are committed to delivering functional, efficient and timeless designs to meet specific project goals.